Characters キャラクター

Pick your favorite character and show your hawaiian personality to the world. Kawaii Hawaii is the new cute hawiian brand!
是非お気に入りのキャラクターを見つけて下さい♪Kawaii Hawaiiはハワイの新しいキャラクターブランドです!

Lei is a great friend to everyone. She’s cute and smart and loves dancing on the beach. Everyone loves her and she has a great attitude and thats why she’s the leader of the group. She loves her hawaiian history her friends!

Ulala is the life of the party! He’s sweet and silly and loves to make people laugh. He loves to surf and play in the sun naked and he is always ready to party and make jokes!

Keke was a pet for many years working at a zoo performing for tourists. Now he has flown to retirement and just wants to relax and drink. He hates tourists and just wants to be left alone with his cocktails.

Musubi man was orderd at a restaurant but never eaten and so now he roams the world wondering where he came from and what the meaning of life is. He’s a little dumb but a lot of fun!

Nui is a mysterious son of a volcano goddess and a tiki god. He is a big fun, happy guy. He loves making music with his magical ukelele and eating all the food in his path. He’s gentle but don’t get him excited or he’ll erupt with laughter or anger and get lava everywhere.