About Us 制作者

Beau Hufford (Art Director)
Beau is an American designer and artist based in San Diego. With over 30 years of experience , Beau has created countless designs, logos and brand illustrations for companies like Disney, Apple, Microsoft, Pink Floyd, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix and more.He currently acts as Creative Director for Caricature Japan where he has created interior design, logo and product and brand design including Kawaii Hawaii and Dirty Dogs.


Kage Nakanishi (CEO)
Kage trained caricature in San Diego, California from 1996 to the end 2001. He established Caricature Japan Co.,Ltd. Traveling around the world to studying art, participating competition, giving seminars. Kage has numerous awards include Golden Nosey of “International Society of Caricature Artist(ISCA)” in 2007.


Hitomi Ishihara (Character Designer)
Hitomi is not only excellent character designers, but caricature artists with fans around the world and teacher beloved by many of her students. She was awarded the most prestigious prize in International Society Caricature Artists(ISCA) competition in 2021, the Golden Nosey.

-石原 瞳(カリカチュア・ジャパン、キャラクター・デザイナー)
カリカチュア・アーティストとして活躍する傍ら、キャラクターデザイナーとして“Kawaii Hawaii”をはじめ、社内キャラクター“CJタコパス”や“みけまんじぇろ”を制作。カリカチュアスクールの講師として、国内外で授業も行っている。